Blast by ISIS in France. 8 suicide bombers , blast at 8 public places. 130 dead and 180 injured. National emergency. 3 days mourning.

Blast by ISIS in France.  8 suicide bombers , blast at 8 public places.  130 dead and 180 injured. National emergency.  3 days mourning.

But it's saluteable to

The resilence of people and their message towards solidarity and peace.

Maturity of media by not showing  any Dead body nor interviews of victims. Not running for TRP.

Patriotism of Opposition by keeping calm and not making any comment. Not making POLITICS of everything.

Investigation team talking press only once a day at 12 noon and not crazy to be seen on press and media every moment. Seriously Devoting time to investigations rather than cheap PUBLICITY.

Curfew, Boundaries closed, Day night house searches but no complaint of religious fanatics or human right organisations. Not taking disadvantage of situation for its POPULARITY.

PM putting stern message of acting mercilessly to this barbaric perpetrators and putting time in salvage plan and action plan.

We all need to learn from this disciplined reaction of  French people.

Notice the coverage of paris attack

Did you see any dead body or blood ?
Did you hear any comments from opposition parties ?
Did you see any media people trying to put words into mouth of victims ?

Time for our media to learn ethics and discipline.

No one blamed France PM.
No one has asked PM to resign.
No opposion protest.
Emergency was declared and all are co operating.
This is the difference.


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