Give up LPG subsidy dear MPs, MLAs, Ministers and bureaucrats.

Give up LPG subsidy dear MPs, MLAs, Ministers and bureaucrats.
Day in and day out , a number of messages are being received by the customers of HP, IOC, BP etc. to join the “Give it up movement” give up LPG subsidy. I would definitely give up my subsidy if every MP, MLA , minister , corporate ,bureaucrat and the like minded people could also waive off his/her gas subsidy. A white paper signed by the ministers must be published in the leading newspapers if these ministers have really given up their LPG subsidy. Recently a news was being flashed on national television that all the MP’S  of ruling as well as the opposition parties are joining hands to double their pay . From where this money will come to double their pay? Although the members of the ruling party and the opposition party are always bitterly fighting against each other over petty issues but when it comes to their  personal benefit , they join hands with each other by forgetting the interest of  the common man on whose tax they are enjoying all liberties like telephone bills , electricity bills, free accommodation in luxury bungalows , avail free travel on public transportation , foreign tours along with their family members etc.
Moreover, even for a minor headache or injury , they get admitted to luxury hospitals and especially when a probe is launched against them . Furthermore, it is , the citizens of India who pay  fare for them to travel AC railway coaches and fly  first class in planes.  Also when  shall you pay the full cost of a meal in the parliamentary canteen  where  you are getting subsidy on meals as well and that to  without passing the bill to your country men?
We , the people of India who dutifully pay Income tax , GST , VAT, property tax, ART , corporation tax and many more taxes which goes up to nearly 40% of our hard earned money while MPs,  MLAs  and ministers enjoy the benefit of these taxes.


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