Cute story Episode 5

I interrupted and said, "Thanks, I don't want any "But". We can be friends even after marriage"
She said, "To be friends we don't need a marriage"
I said, "Very true, anyway my parents will get me married to another girl and she will become possessive and will ask me not to talk to you or meet you. I can't listen to that and she'll ask who is important Nethra or I. I'll say Nethra and she'll quarrel and my life will become more miserable. I prefer to share a life of dissension with you than to share it with someone else"
She said, "Thanks for saying that I'm important, but still I have an aversion towards marriage"
I said, "You'll get over the aversion soon. Be ready for the wedding and I'll take care of the rest"
I was happy to know that she likes me and I said to myself, "I have to make her love me too. Hmmm interesting task"
The wedding took place as per our customs and practices and everything went on well. All Our relatives left leaving 6 of us in the house which included Mom, dad, Adithi, Mithra, Nethra and I. After dinner we all sat in the sofa and watched TV and were talking about the days happenings. Adithi and Mithra went to Adithi's room to sleep. Dad asked us to go to our room and Mom accompanied us till the room.
Before she could enter the room Nethra held my mom's hand and said "Aunty, I'm scared"
Mom said, "There's nothing to be scared about. Everything will be fine soon"
She asked, "Aunty, Can I address you as Mom from now on?"
My Mom said, "No issues, you can address me as you prefer. But I am desirous to be addressed as Granny and please grant me that wish soon. Family planning is between the husband and wife. I just told you my desire" saying this she kissed her on her forehead and asked, "What does the mangal sutra mean to you now"
She said, "I don't know, I haven't thought about it. It's a custom so I'm wearing it."
Mom said, "You'll explore and discover its meaning soon" and she left the place.
I was sitting on one end of the cot and she stood at the other end. We were like the North Pole and the South Pole. She kept biting her nails and I understood that she was nervous. I beckoned her to come near and as she came I said, "Sit" and she sat on the cot.
I said, "You look perplexed and tired"
In her delirium she said, "Yeah, I'm tired, woke up early in the morning and didn't have enough sleep last night. I'm not confused but I'm wondering how am I gonna manage in a new place"
I said, "My home is not new to you"
She said, "My role as your wife makes it a new place to me"
I said, "The change is only in the role and not with anyone else"
She asked, "Did you hear what Mom said just now? She wants to become granny soon"
I said, "That's Okay, elders are like that"
She said, "I can't ignore it just like that, she is more than my mother to me. Nobody has ever loved and cared for me so much like her and I'm very grateful to her. Since I'm obliged to her it's my duty to fulfil her just and reasonable desire to become a granny but I don't know if I can do it"
I said, "That's lovely, but it's your wish. No troubles from my side. Okay I won't take much of your time. I'm tired too. I have few things to give you" Saying this I went to the cupboard and grabbed a bag to the cot. I smiled and gave a cover to her.
As she was opening it I said, "This is the college admission cards for Adithi and Mithra. They are going to study in the same college, same course and Mithra is gonna stay with us from now on. I don't want her to stay alone in the hostel and suffer in loneliness like you did"
Tears welled from her eyes; but she smiled and said, "Thanks a lot. I always loved and longed to stay with her"
I said, "It's my responsibility and handed over another cover to her saying, "This is for my beautiful wife".
She opened it and looking at the air tickets, and the broche from the tour operator for 10 day tour package she exclaimed, "Are we going to Mauritius?"
I said, "Yes, for honeymoon"
She asked, "Are we leaving tomorrow?"
I said, "Yes, pack your things and be ready. The flight is at 9.30 PM"
She said, "Hmmm...Okay"
I took out the last one and gave it to her saying, "This is a small wedding gift for my dear friend Nethra. Happy married life"
She smiled and took it from me and opened it. It was a cute white teddy carrying a red velvet heart. She was nervous and restless and having so many things on hand and mind, the teddy slipped from her hand and fell on the floor just like she dropped Cuckoo. Now the recorded voice screamed "DARLING, I LOVE YOU". With widened eyes she picked it and hugged it and looked at me with fright.
Smiling I said, "Hmmm Okay, good night, I'm gonna watch cricket. Take rest. Good night. Sweet dreams" saying this I went near the door and before I could leave I said, "I wish I was that teddy" and left to the hall switching on the TV. Slowly I slept off as I was tired too. My Mom woke me up in the morning with bed coffee and she said, "Good morning, hope you slept well. (Smiling she said)I appreciate your patience. What time is your flight?"
I said, "9. 30 pm"
She said, "Okay, pack your things and organize your trip" saying this she went to wake up Nethra.
We started off and reached Mauritius in the morning; occupied the room booked for us. Since it was booked for honeymoon the room was adorned with aromatic flowers. The look and feel of the room was extraordinary. We called our family and informed them about our safe arrival, the hotel location, room number and contact information.
We had breakfast and started off for sightseeing. Mauritius is one of the most spectacular islands of the world. The beaches of Mauritius are some of the best I ever came across. White sands and blue waters make a striking contrast that was a treat for the eyes. The climate was good and we had nice time.
Nethra was enjoying the beauty of nature and as usual I loved her company. The day went on good with fun and joy. As we were sitting in the restaurant for dinner, I asked her, "Can I take a drink?"
Shocking she looked at me and asked, "Alcohol... Liquor.... do you take liquor?"
I said, "Yes I do, occasionally"
She said, "Your wish"
I said, "Sweetheart, to do as per my wish I need not ask you. You either say yes or no because you're gonna stay with me. You should be comfortable and I don't prefer doing something that troubles you. You're my wife and I should discuss everything with you"
She said, "No, no drinking"
I said, "Okay, thank you" ordered food and as we were waiting for the food she said, "You're not like my dad"
I asked, "Why do you compare me with your dad?"
She said, "He is the first man in my life. So I thought all men will be like him. He doesn't discuss anything with my mom and similarly my mom gives him back the same. They take their own decisions on everything and it was Mithra and I who struggled between them"
I said, "A husband and wife should be like best friends to each other. There is nothing like ruling or leading the other it's just sharing life and heading together. My parents discuss every small thing right from the purchase of home appliances, investments, our education and everything. You know the next day's menu is always discussed during dinner and mom made it a practice to have dinner together"
The waiter served the dinner and after that I continued, "If dad missed a dinner that's it, his day is ruined. She'll not talk to him. He'll walk after her and beg her pardon. She will not accept it immediately, she'll hold on for some time till Adithi and I support him. Then she warns him and it's over. It will be fun watching these small plays at home and we learnt love and forgiveness from them. At the right age they involved Adithi and me in the discussion and sought our views and opinions, if our decisions were right and wise they acknowledged it and accepted it. It included our marriage too"
She said, "Yeah, I know it's fun to be in your home"
I said, "Bricks and walls make a house and it's the woman, the mother who makes it a home. My love, will you make my house a home?"
She said, "I'll try, I might fail a few times but I'll learn it from your mother. I
have a request for you"
I asked, "What is it?"
She said, "I will try to change myself and live up to your expectations. Please don't leave me for any reason, I hate being alone"
I said, "I love you the way you are. You don't have to change anything for me. You are just perfect and I want you to be yourself always"
She said, "But you are changing my character. I don't talk much, but now I feel like saying all the untold that I had shut in my heart"
I said, "I'm happy to know that you are feeling at ease and comfortable with me. You can talk and do whatever you wanted to do with me okay. I love you and all you do"
She asked, "You love me so much? I don't know if I'm worth your love."
I said, "Don't speak such philosophical words" and we left to the room.
I switched on the TV and sat on the couch fiddled the remote searching for a good channel to watch while she was having a wash. I suddenly remembered about that and I took it from my bag and sat on the sofa again. She joined me on the couch to watch TV.
I asked, "How was your day today?"
She said, "It was great; Mauritius is awesome"
I said, "Yeah, I loved it" and gave her the pack saying this is my honeymoon gift for you.
She asked, "Does anybody give gifts for honeymoon?"
I asked, "Why not? Gifts are given to express love and that's what I did. I thought this will be the right time to give this gift that's why I didn't give it yesterday"
Smiling at my response she opened the pack, her face turned red and said, "Oh my god"


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