Water Immersed car owners

Water Immersed car owners: 

1.Don't start the car,
2.Tow the vehicle to a garage,
3.Drain engine oil completely, Replace new air filter and oil filter which is important. Remove engine intake manifold and clean all water entry.
4.Fill with new engine oil, Jack the car front wheels,(Don't start) hand rotate the wheel, which in turn engine gets cranking. This process enable oil circulation and mix with water inside the engine, do it   continuously for 15 minutes, then  drain engine oil , again fill fresh oil, do the same process again, drain oil, clean all plugs. Remove starter clean & Refit
5.Now fill with fresh engine oil start the engine. Run 1 or 2 minutes.
6. This will cost Rs.6 to 7 thousand.  Can Avoid engine failure due to water entry and save major expenses.

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