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–  IRNSS : The countdown for the launch of seventh and final navigation satellite IRNSS-1G will begin today at 9:20 AM at Sriharikota. It will be launched on Thursday onboard India’s versatile launch vehicle PSLV C-33.
– JNU rusticates Umar Khalid, 2 others for Feb 9 event; Kanhaiya Kumar fined Rs 10,000
– A Special Mumbai Court discharges all 8 accused in 2006 Malegaon blast case
– Rajya Sabha fails to transact any business on the first day of the Session over President’s Rule in Uttarakhand
– Rajya Sabha Ethics Committee recommends Vijay Mallya’s expulsion; gives him 1 week to explain his position
– Parliament passes Bill to disentitle Sahajdhari Sikhs from voting in SGPC elections
– India cancels visa given to Chinese Uyghur dissident leader Dolkun Isa
– SC raps Maharashtra govt. for not granting licenses to dance bars
– Lok Sabha passes Regional Centre for Biotechnology bill
– Social worker Poornimaben Pakvasa, who worked for educating tribal girls in Gujarat, dies at 103
– Ashish Nandy apologises for article on Gujarat 2007 polls in SC
– BSE Sensex declines 159 points to close at 25679, NSE Nifty drops 44 points to 7855
– Finance Ministry approves 8.7 per cent interest on Employee Provident Fund for 2015-16
– Govt hikes minimum wage for contract workers to Rs 10000
– FDI in India reaches record $51 billion in 11 months of FY16: DIPP
– SBI Quick introduces facility to control debit card frauds
– Capital Small Finance Bank (CSFB) becomes first differentiated bank to start operations
– Pratyush Kumar appointed Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in India
– Sun Pharma, ICMR, MP Govt. join hands for malaria eradication
– Eicher forays into mini-truck space with Pro 1049 priced up to Rs 8 lakh
– Mahindra & Mahindra launches limited edition Scorpio Adventure for Rs 13.07 lakh
– PrivyPlex launches Virat Kohli ‘Fanbox’ for Rs 16,999
– Panic button must for mobile handsets from next year
– Facebook rolls out new tool to let users type in Hindi
– Rs 125 crore fund Ideaspring Capital to back early stage product startups in the country
– India, Mongolia start joint military exercise ‘Nomadic Elephant’ in Mongolia
– IMF expects USD 500 billion revenue loss for Mideast oil exporters due to lower oil prices
– Saudi Arabia announces economic reforms to end dependence on oil revenues
– Metro station rocked by March 22 ISIS attacks in Brussels reopens
– US flies F-22s to Romania as show of strength to Russia
– Anzac Day observed to mark sacrifices of Australian and NZ troops in First World War
– World Malaria Day observed with theme ‘End Malaria For Good’
– Indian rower Dattu Bhokanal wins silver in qualifying event, to participate in Rio Olympics
– India to host 2018 Commonwealth Judo Championships
– Mairaj Ahmad Khan wins India’s first ever skeet medal at ISSF World Cup
– Rafael Nadal wins Barcelona Open tennis Singles title
– South Africa: Cricket, Rugby federations banned from hosting international tournaments
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Proposed abbreviation of TAmil Nadu Skill DEvelopment Corporation. Current abbreviation is TNSDC.