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Spanish's "High Speed TALGO Train"

Spanish's "High Speed TALGO Train" is set to take Trial in India,
it will replace the existing LHB Coaches of Rajdhani and Shatabdi Exp if trials were successful.
9 TALGO coaches arrived at Mumbai port from Barcelona, Spain.

TALGO - Tren Articulado Ligero Goicoeheo Oriol
founded by Alejandro Goicoecheo and Jose Luis Oriol in 1942, headquartered at Madrid, Spain.

1. Light weight Aluminium coach costs 1.70 crores per coach, 1 crore less than LHB coach(2.75cr).

2. Energy efficient coaches saves 30% in energy bill.

3. Fire retardant interiors with complete sound insulation resulting noiseless travel.

4. Top speed of 250 kmph.

5. Bogies are not directed attached with coach, its shared between the coach thus allowing the train to Turn at Higher speed with less Swaying.

6. Wheels are mounted in pair and not in Axle.

7. Traction Change system allows to run both Electric Traction(25KV) and Diesel Traction(non-Electrified line) without STOPPING the Train.

8. Gauge Change system allows the train can Gauge between 1668mm Iberian gauge and 1435mm Standard gauge when required (during cross border operation).

9. Technology to support pleasant journey even when outside temperature crosses 50°c or drops below -20°c.

TALGO offers assistance for Trial runs for free of cost. 3 trial runs to be conducted in May.

1st trial: 115kmph in Bareilly-Muradabad section.

2nd trial: 180kmph in Mathura-Palwal section.

3rd trial: 200kmph in Mumbai-Delhi section.

Target to achieve an Avg speed of 125kmph.


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