Teacher - Can you please tell the

joke of d day....................................

Teacher - Can you please tell the name of 2 great Kings who have brought happiness & peace into people's lives ?”

Student :

“Smo-king & Drin-king ” !!!

Teacher Resigned !😂😂😇😇

Teacher: Who was Akbar ?  
Boy: Akbar was Gay. 

Teacher:- What, Are you mad ? Why did you say that? 

Boy:- We have heard Laila - Majnu, Romeo-Juliet  
But Only 
Akbar - Birbal !
Teacher died😂😂😂

This 1 is a killer 1 .....

Teacher : students.. On britannia tiger biscuit cover,there is a green dot. Wat does that mean?

Student : tiger is online.. .😂😂

don't laugh alone share with frds 😜...


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