Thiruvenkata Mahathmyam

Thiruvenkata Mahathmyam !! – Narathar Sage
The sages performed a huge yaagaa in Kaliyuga. The chanting of Vedas reverberated all over the place. Deva rushi Narada visited the yaagasaalaa. He asked the rushis, “Who will you offer the Havis to?” The rushis replied, “We have not decided about that yet. There is still plenty of time to think about it!”

Naradar said,”Sathva guna is the best among the three gunas. Find out which of the Gods is most satvic in his temperament and offer the Havis to him.”

Who was wise enough to test the satvic temperament of the gods and find the answer? All the sages felt that sage Brugu was the one suitable for that task. So it was decided that Brugu would test the trimoorthis and find out who was the most satvic among them.

Brugu went to Satya Lokam first. Brahma was seated on his lotus flower surrounded by his three Devis – Savithri, Gaayatri and Saraswathi along with the ashta dikpaalakaas. Brugu kept standing for a long time. Brahma did not tell him a to take a seat. So finally Brugu himself took a seat quietly.

Brahma did not like the sage sitting down without his permission and so ignored his presence in the gathering. Brugu thought to himself, “A god with such a temperament is anything but satvic in nature!”
Om Namo Narayana !!


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