One nation- One grid - One frequency ' :

This is in continuation of the discussion  some times back on the ' One nation- One grid - One frequency ' topic:

It may be recalled , the Raichur- Sholapur 765 SC line that connected southern region to the rest of the regions of the country achieved the mile stone status of One nation-One grid-One frequency in India.

Though the interconnection of the power system of the country put India in the world power map as one of the largest operating synchronized grid with around 232 GW of installed capacity , practically it could not clear the congestion in the transmission corridor,  particularly in southern region.

To mitigate this , two more 765 lines with Double circuit connecting the Sothern region to other regions are under construction at an outlay of 38000 Cr. with a target of achieving the power transfer capacity of 17000 MW by 2019- 20 are under construction.

Following image of 765 KV Southern grid map can make better understanding:

1. The Yellow line is already constructed connecting  Sholapur( Maharashtra) - Raichur ( Karnataka ) - Kurnool ( AP ) - Thiruvalam (TN ).

Lines under construction:
2.Rose line connecting Kolapur ( Maharashtra)-  Kudugi ( Karnataka)- Dharmapuri.
3. Orange line connecting Dharmapuri - Nagapattinam.
4. Double dotted line connecting  Dharmapuri - Tuticorin.

All are 765 KV double circuit with SIX bundle conductor capable of transferring 5000MW, four times of a 400 KV line.
A tower image of this type being erected in  stretchs of Salem district connecting Dharmapuri and Nagapattinum is also posted.



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