It was their anniversary

Excellent message and i have read it many times n it still is afresh pls read :))

.................It was their anniversary, and Aarthi was waiting for her husband Rajiv to show up after office in the evening.

Things had changed since their marriage a few years ago, the once cute couple couldn't-live-without-each-other all these years, had turned bitter quarreling for petty issues and stopped talking, living under one roof as strangers.

Fighting over every little thing, both didn't like the way things had changed and Aarthi was waiting to see if Rajiv remembered as it was their anniversary today !!!!!!!

Just as the door bell rang...............she ran to find her husband drenched in rain and smiling with a bunch of flowers in his hand.

The two started to mend and re-live the old days. Making up for fights, then was d plan for champagne, light music as it's raining  !! It was perfect.

But the moment paused when the phone rang..........

Aarthi went to pick it up and it was a man on otherside "Hello ma'am I'm calling from the police station. Is this Mr Rajiv Mehra's number?"

"Yes it is!"

"I'm sorry ma'am; but there was an accident and a man died".

We got this number from his wallet; we need you to come and identify his body."

Aarthi's heart sank.!!! She was shocked!

She said, But my husband is here with me?"

"Sorry ma'am, but the incident took place at 4 pm, when he was boarding the train."

Aarthi was about to lose her conscience.

How could this happen??? !!!!!!!

She had heard about the soul of the person coming to meet a loved one before it leaves !!!!!!

She ran into the other room with tears in her eyes.

He was not there. It was true !!!!!!!!  had he left her for good  ????? !!!!!

Oh God !!! She would have died for another chance to mend with him for every little fight they fought !!!!

She cried and fell on the floor in pain. She lost her chance !!! Forever !!!!

Suddenly there was a noise from the bathroom, the door opened and Rajiv came out and said "Darling, I forgot to tell you that, my wallet got stolen today while coming in the train"...........on hearing this her heart cried for him and tears rolled down her face with happiness for being alive.


Let's start making amends.

To parents

To siblings

To relatives

To friends

And many more..........

No one has a promised tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Life with no regrets!

Have a wonderful day....enjoy every single moment from now on....keep smiling 😉😊

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