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Info Graphics of internet in 2015

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Recession is coming... Alert to all

  PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.....   Recession is coming... make your own judgment, don't be panic!  Do what is wise. The recession looks very imminent.   It is really time to take proactive steps to avoid a painful time in the next two years – the period it is expected to remain this time. Suggestions: 1. Avoid taking any loans to buy homes, properties, or even cash loans. Keep as much cash as possible in hand. 2. Pay off as much of personal loans, private loans, as debt collection will be hastened. 3. Sell any stocks you can, even if the price is a bit low. 4. Take money off from Trust Funds. 5.  Don't believe in huge sales forecast from customers. Be extremely prudent with lowest inventories and reduce liabilities. 6. Don't invest in new capital or new business proposals. 7. Do it now, if you are planning to sell homes / properties / cars when you can get good prices as returns would be less when recession sets in. 8. Cancel holiday pl