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Proposed Names for new divisions of Tangedco

TANGEDCO is the abbreviation of Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation. Proposed Divisions and it's Names: 1. TANGENCO (or TNGC) - Tamilnadu Generation Corporation. 2. TANDISCO (TNDC) - Tamilnadu Distribution Corporation 3. TANRENCO (TNREC) - Tamilnadu Renewable Energy Corporation 
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All new Comy from today.

  All New Comy is introduced today. Soon, Comn is rebranded as 'Comy' (Short form of Company, Community etc..,). Uploaded logo is referred as Comy Logo. Keep visiting

Comn enters 6th Year

  Comn enters into 6th year successfully today. It starts providing free domain ( equivalent to and to common people. currently this extension is used for few websites such as, etc.., Any domain can be registered (single letter, double letter) under extension. The free domain is provided from 2018. Keep Watching, Regards, Arivumani Founder of Comn


Proposed abbreviation of TAmil Nadu Skill DEvelopment Corporation. Current abbreviation is TNSDC.


TaNSkill - Abbreviation of TAmilNadu Skill. Current abbreviation is TNSkill. It can be rebranded as "TaNSkill"