What is Solar Wind?

What is Solar Wind?

*The visible surface of the Sun is "Photosphere",

this is surrounded by             " Chromosphere " and beyond it lies a hot gaseous atmosphere called the 'Corona' .

**Very high temperatures prevail in the Corona.

***According to, American physicist Eugene Normal Parker, thermal conductivity of the Corona is quite large;
Temperatures of the order of 1,000,000°K ( or more),

That the Coronal expansion increases with distance and
It attains unbelievable velocities.

****This persistent stream of gas blowing out of Corona and sweeping to a distance of about 40 astronomical units- the very limits of the planetary orbits-
at supersonic speed is known as "Solar Wind".

*****Its velocity has been estimated to be of the order of 350 to 700 kms per second.

Today's 5th C of 5C concept.
- A.C.


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