Madras musings

1. _My elder brother is an irritating fellow._
   He is anna-ying.

2. _Where do dentists in Chennai practice?_
   EEE-kaatu thaangal.

3. _How did the Arctic bear slap the other one?_
   Polar polar nu.

4. _Why is Michelle Obama considered so careless?_
   Ava epome Barack ah paathutu irupa.

5. _What do you call it when your elder sister gives you a place to stay?_ 

6. _Where did the Mallu girl go when she became angry?_
   Ava Cochinu poita. 

7. _Why was the spy staring at the sea?_
   Avan Wave paakaraan. 

8. _Why were the tourists staring at the hammer instead of sight-seeing?_
   Avanga suthi paaka vandhanga.

9. _Your friend poked you. You poked back. You've poked each other 158 times in a row._


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