NETBAT - Not Easy To Be A Teacher

*Not easy to be a Teacher* 

*Teacher:* ''Construct a sentence using the word "sugar''
*Pupil:* ''I drank tea this morning.''
*Teacher:* ''Where is the word sugar.''
*Pupil:* ''It is already in the tea..!!''

*Not Easy to be a Teacher !!!!!*

*TEACHER*: Our topic for today is Photosynthesis. 

*TEACHER* : Class, what is photosynthesis?
*Student*: Photosynthesis is our topic for today.

*Not Easy to be a Teacher !!!!!*

*TEACHER* : John is climbing a tree to pick some mangoes. (Begin the sentence with 'Mangoes')
*Student* : Mangoes, John is coming to pick you...

*Not Easy to be a Teacher !!!!!*

*TEACHER* : What do you call mosquitoes in your language?
*Student*: We don't call them, they come on their own...

*Not Easy to be a Teacher !!!!!*

*TEACHER* : Name the nation, people hate most
*Student*: Exami-nation...

*Not Easy to be a Teacher !!!!!*

*TEACHER* : How can we keep our school clean?
*Student*: By staying at home...

*Not Easy to be a Teacher !!!!!*

*TEACHER* : One day our country will be corruption free. What tense is that??
*Student*: Future impossible tense...

*Nowadays teaching is really very tough*


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